So, having found out that all the computers at work are down tomorrow, and that I therefore cannot adhere to my usual postgraduate student hours (i.e. all the hours), and having also been informed (by the @readathon people on Twitter, no less) that I can start early & finish early, I have decided that I will attempt the full 24 hours. Why not? Instead of starting at 1pm, however, I will be starting at 1am and reading through to 1am–that way I still get to keep one day of my weekend for things outside of my flat, instead of the readathon spilling over into my Sunday–but I also overlap with the official readathon for 12 hours, so I get to join in all the fun and games! 🙂

In light of this, I’ve made my TBR list a bit more ambitious:

1) The Secret Lives of Codebreakers: The Men and Women who Cracked the Enigma Code at Bletchley Park by Sinclair McKay (already on page 109 of this)

2 and 3) The Last Resort: A Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys Supermystery, and also Tropic of Fear: A Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Supermystery, both by Carolyn Keene

(Hey, if that was the sound of slightly incredulous laughter I heard, I’m not bothered. I love a bit of Nancy Drew!)

4) The Strangler Vine by MJ Carter

5) Succession by Livi Michael (excited about this as it’s my first ever ARC).

6) Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead

7) Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett

8) The Kite Rider by Geraldine McCaughrean

9) Everland by Rebecca Hunt

10) The Finkler Question by Harold Jacobson


Disclaimer: I am not foolish enough to believe that I can read 10 books in 24 hours. I just like feeling as though I’ve got lots of choice. Also, they are all stacked up on top of my TV, and that gives me a lovely warm feeling when I look at them. Two or three books just wouldn’t do it.

In terms of updates, I am aware that some people post updates every three hours or so. However, I have a PhD-related injury in my right arm (from too much typing -_-) which I’m trying to rest this weekend–also, my lovely mum has this blog on email alert because she’s kind and supportive, and I don’t really want her to be inundated with emails over the next 24 hours which all say, more or less, ‘Hannah: still likes reading as much as she did when she was six and you used to have to confiscate her Beano torch so she wouldn’t read under the covers’. Instead, I’ll maybe post an update halfway and another one tomorrow, after sleeping. Sleeping is important.

I’ll also be doing a bit of rogue cheerleading as per Andi’s video ( If you are reading this and don’t have anyone cheering for you, please leave a comment, and I will head over to your blog/twitter/goodreads and say hello!