Even though other people are just starting their readathons, I am already halfway through, because I am a rebel and I started early 🙂 What to say? So far I have read:

a) A little bit more of The Secret Lives of Codebreakers (Sinclair McKay). I’m enjoying this, more or less, although it does have some issues, particularly in the tone of the narration. It’s quite hard to read at 3am–too much information to take in. I might go back to it later. A proper discussion of this book will be uploaded when I’ve finished it–it’s interesting enough to warrant a better review than two half-asleep sentences in this update.

89 pages read today.

b) Reaper Man (Terry Pratchett). I still love this. I thought maybe I was just sentimental about it–my copy was a spontaneous present from a friend–but I actually really, really love it. The whole Bill Door narrative is wonderful: funny, sarcastic, and surprisingly moving at the end. Also, if you’re reading this post and you’ve never been introduced to the Discworld, start here. If you like this one, then you’ll love the series.

287 pages in total.

c) The Last Resort (Carolyn Keene). This was a nice quick read. It always makes me smile, even though there are so many things to dislike about it. The ghostwriters really just wrote to a checklist, didn’t they? Implausible set up with surprising lack of police involvement–check. Incompetent professionals being treated like fools by annoyingly perfect teenagers–check*. Glamorous country star falling for Joe, even though he’s only 16 and it’s actually a bit creepy–check. Gratuitous & irrelevant descriptions of clothing–check. Every chapter ending with an exclamation mark–check. Peril. Kissing. Perilous kissing. Check. Oh, and most importantly, such casual disregard for editing that some of the main characters change sex occasionally–check, check, check! I love Nancy Drew. And the Hardy Boys. I should really read them more often.

219 pages. Although I am not sure how much they count, since most of them only have one or two paragraphs & the font is huge!

d) The Stranger Vine (MJ Carter). I’m about a third of the way through this and it’s fantastic. It’s very brave for any Brit to write a novel about the East India Company in 1837, let alone from the perspective of an arrogant young officer with the ingrained prejudices of his day. Again, a proper review of this will be up at some point in the next couple of weeks.

115 pages in so far.


In total, I have read 710 pages, consumed most of my weight in delicious chilli con pollo, and had three cups of my HIGH CAFFEINE coffee. Also, I briefly dashed out to the local shop for chocolate in the wee small hours, clutching £2 in one hand and a book in the other, in shoes that are not at all appropriate for torrential rain. They are so used to me by now that nobody batted an eyelid.


*At one point, an experienced doctor diagnoses someone as having had a heart attack without having even seen the patient first, despite the fact that it is clear to anyone with ten minutes of of first aid training that this is not the case. Nancy corrects him. Of course she does.