The Strangler Vine

Title: The Strangler Vine
Author: MJ Carter
Rating: 5/5

This is very exciting for me, because it’s my first five-star review! I picked up The Strangler Vine at the Penguin Bloggers’ Night in, er, mid-March (have been on a bit of a PhD-induced review pause of late), chiefly on the strength of its beautiful cover. Although I really enjoy historical fiction, I get frustrated with the genre as a whole for relying heavily on bodice-ripping Tudor queens. This promised to be something quite different, so I tucked it into my straining-at-the-seams handbag* and resisted the urge to dive straight in on the train home. Unfortunately, I resisted the urge for so long that I forgot that I had it until the April 24-hour readathon rolled around and I was sorting out a TBR. An account of my readathon experience can be found here, but I enjoyed this book so much that I wanted to give a more in-depth review.

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