Book ratings & Red April book review

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about how I rate books recently*. I think that, as of 2015, I’m going to stop using the five-star rating system, at least for full reviews. It isn’t nearly detailed enough for what I want to say. Books I absolutely love will continue to get five stars on Goodreads, because I want to demonstrate my enthusiasm, and books I can’t stand will still get one star (just in case I block them out of my mind and am tempted to pick it up again), but other than that, I’ve found that I mostly seem to give three-star ratings and that doesn’t really convey everything that I think about a book.

As an example, I thought I would try and write a review for a book I recently finished but don’t entirely know how to review. I read Red April by Santiago Roncagliolo, published in 2002, largely as part of a drive to read more translated fiction (original title Abril rojo), and I was fascinated by it–but fascinated is not exactly the same as thrilled, and it’s certainly not the same as gushing. Continue reading