A bit belated, but I am joining in with the Dewey’s 24-hour readathon nonetheless! I will probably read until about 2am tonight, unless I fall asleep, and for a couple of hours before I leave for church in the morning. I might tag a couple of extra hours on at the end, as I’ll be out until 2pm tomorrow afternoon by which time the readathon will be over for me. Anyway, here is my stack of books:

Look at that lovely stack of books.

Throne of Jade is the second Temeraire book, which I was halfway through when I got thesis brain. I’m going to try and pick up where I left off two months ago, but might have to go back and start again – we shall see. One of my friends claims that there was a death scene in it that made him cry, so there’s something to anticipate. I’m very much looking forward to The Vaccine Race, but I also know myself – no matter how exciting scientific non-fiction is, I have to read it in stops and starts, so I don’t expect to make much progress on it this weekend. It normally takes me a long time to read something like this.

I’m still trying to finish Everfair, which I’m reading for the SFvsFBingo challenge and finding a bit of a struggle; I’ve also pulled a few other books off my shelves that I’ve been meaning to get to. Not pictured, but the audiobook I will be listening to is Head On, the sequel to Lock In. In short, I’m really looking excited about this!