Have I ever completed one of these challenges? No. Will it stop me signing up? Absolutely not. Am I about to make commitments that I can’t keep in terms of what books I will and won’t read in the time? Probably!

The Fantasy AdventureAThon is happening from 25th-31st of March, and I have decided to take part, largely because of how delightful the map is. The premise of the readathon is that you follow a path on the map below – each stage has a different prompt depending on what path you want to choose. It’s hosted by Jasmine at Novel Thoughts, and I really love the idea that you can choose (to some extent) your own challenges.

Using books for more than one challenge is allowed, and I will almost certainly be doing that, especially since one of the challenges I’m picking necessitates reading a book that’s >500 pages. In addition to the map, you also get to pick a team to be part of. I’ll be reading for team #FantasyDragon, and my planned TBR is as follows:

Fellowship – group read – A Darker Shade of Magic. Amazingly, I just got this as a birthday present from a friend, who didn’t even know I wanted it, so that makes this challenge very easy!

Castle – a book with a royalty word in the title. England, Arise: The People, the King, and the Great Revolt of 1381I started reading this book, about the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, a couple of years ago after I heard Juliet Barker speak at my local library. It was great, but I was disappointed to learn that the only interesting thing that I’d ever heard about my hometown (that Wat Tyler started his march on London from there) was not actually true, so I abandoned it for a while. I think I might give it another go next week.

Owl – a book with black on the cover. The Tea Master and the Detective – this is a short story (or possibly a novella) that I know very little about, but it is some sort of sci-fi Sherlock Holmes homage, and it has black on the cover:

The Tea Master and the Detective by [de Bodard, Aliette]

Fairy – a fairytale or fairytale retelling. The Fairy’s Tale by FD Lee. I started reading this about a month ago, but it was just after I’d read the whole of the Invisible Library series and the first installment of The Paper Magician, and I needed a break from fun, silly fantasy. I am definitely ready to give it another go now.

Bewitch – a book featuring a romance. Possibly The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessythe sequel to The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold FryI read the latter for my old books club years ago, and thought it was fine – not beautiful, not terrible, just fine – so I reserve the right to replace this with a reread of The Eyre Affair.

Journey – a book with more than 500 pages. England, Arise, again.

Powders – read a book by the fireside. This will be a slight cheat – I do not actually have a fireplace – but I do regularly read on my sofa with a Youtube fire blazing on my TV screen.

I’m really looking forward to this – I actually have a pretty quiet week coming up, so who knows? Maybe this will be the first readathon in five years of blogging that I actually complete.

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