Although I haven’t got around to as many blogs as I would have liked during Nonfiction November (I’ll be trying to catch up this week), I’ve still added a few books that I’m really excited about to my TBR. I like the fact that the month ends with a celebration of all the new potential favourite books we’ve encountered (hosted by Rennie at What’s Nonfiction) and have been really enjoying reading everyone’s posts.


I love books about train travel, especially those that draw in a lot of historical or cultural information, so when I saw Riding the Trains in Japan on Brona’s list of books about Japan I was immediately interested.


Although Melanie at Grab the Lapels didn’t participate in Nonfiction November as such, she did write this great mini-review of The Victorian City that grabbed my attention. I am probably going to want a Christmassy choice for my December audiobook, but I think I will be picking this up early next year.


Bad Science, by Ben Goldacre, has probably been on the TBR at the back of my mind ever since it was first published, but I never got round to picking it up. Pseudoscience that preys on scared and vulnerable people (for a profit) makes me so cross that I wasn’t sure I wanted to read a thorough account of it. However, Rennie’s great review over at What’s Nonfiction has changed my mind.

My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: A Memoir

I love books about friendship, but most of the time this takes the form of novels rather than nonfiction. I really enjoyed Mind Joggle’s review of My Glory Was I Had Such Friends. Amy Silverstein wrote this after she went into heart failure, 26 years after she received her first heart transplant as a child. Her account of the way her friends rushed to support her as she waited for a new heart sounds truly extraordinary.

Thanks to everyone from whom I got a recommendation – I am really looking forward to reading these books!