Professional geek, Christ follower, caffeinated beverage enthusiast, and voracious reader. Voracious. Really. I live in a tiny box studio flat, almost all of which is occupied by shelves, boxes and piles of books. I bought a bookshelf for my flat before I bought a bed. However, since I now read and write technical non-fiction for a living, I have allowed my novel-reading to fall by the wayside. Off the wayside. So far away from the wayside that I feel like I can’t even dredge it up without some kind of hooked implement. Most evenings, I sit in front of Netflix and turn my brain off. This blog is an attempt to start reading for pleasure again. There have been so many books that I’ve read in the past and wanted to tell someone all the things that it made me think. There are only so many times that my best friend or my mum will listen to me telling them about gender identity in Middlemarch or brutality and compassion in The Book Thief. Therefore I present, with no further ado, a handful of thoughts about some books.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I hope your reviews really are you telling readers everything you think about a book. I miss that in some people’s reviews. Bloggers get very, very general sometimes, and I just want more heart in the review!

    • I think that reviewing mostly backlist has helped me. If I don’t feel like the author could stumble across the post, it makes it much easier to be honest about what I really love/really don’t!

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