"There is no Frigate like a Book to take us Lands away." -Emily Dickinson


I normally describe myself first as a Christian and then as an enthusiast. An enthusiast about almost everything, really, and books in particular. I read indiscriminately and happily and avidly. I burden my friends with recommendations, press favourite novels into their hands, and text them extensive midnight complaints about books I don’t like. This blog is, as much as anything, an attempt to spare them some of that by being bookish and nerdy with a group of people who share my excitement.

Other miscellany that will crop up here from time to time: personal updates, podcast recommendations, pictures of my garden, grumblings about how hard it is to do a PhD, and maybe baking.

6 thoughts on “About

      1. I was thinking about doing the same thing on my blog. Even though I already wrote a review of it, I’d kind of like to revisit it and talk a little more about the impression it left on me personally.

  1. I hope your reviews really are you telling readers everything you think about a book. I miss that in some people’s reviews. Bloggers get very, very general sometimes, and I just want more heart in the review!

    1. I think that reviewing mostly backlist has helped me. If I don’t feel like the author could stumble across the post, it makes it much easier to be honest about what I really love/really don’t!

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