Personal Canon

After Jillian wrote her “personal canon” list (the books that have most impacted her), she asked me to do one too. Here it is, Jillian; I hope you like it. You did say that you like reading people’s emotional responses to books—so here I am, emoting absolutely all over the place. (There is a spoiler in here about Tenant of Wildfell Hall, in case anyone is concerned about that). Continue reading

On Mary Bennet, Hermione Granger, and two centuries of progress

I have a sneaking, uncomfortable suspicion about Pride and Prejudice; a dreadful secret, the nature of which I am about to relate. I’ve confessed before that I disliked the book the first time I read it. That is shameful enough for a book blogger. But here is the truth: perhaps the reason I could not stomach Pride and Prejudice the first time round is that I’ve known all along that I am, in form and substance, far more Mary Bennet than Elizabeth—the frump, the prig, the awkward girl in a corner with a book. It is not pleasant to read a novel in which a character I strongly resemble is constantly, viciously skewered by the narrator. Continue reading

Armchair BEA Introduction

Apparently, despite my total inability to actually stick to any kind of blogger event, challenge, or group activity, I still sign up for them compulsively. My flakiness aside, I do love blogger events and the conversations that always get sparked during them. I enjoyed reading other people’s Armchair BEA posts last year, and this week is actually not too mad, work-wise, so there is a possibility that I might get to post something more than an introduction this time around. We’ll see. I’ll definitely be participating on Twitter, even if I don’t get a chance to post very much here. Here are my answers to the introductory questions.

I don’t even have an armchair in my flat. Am I still allowed to participate from a sofa? #importantquestions

Continue reading